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The Uno Drinking Game

Drinky is the Uno party game. It is just like the classic game that rhymes with Juno, but with party rules. There are fun cards like “Make A Rule” cards to ensure that your games are fun and exciting. The game is familiar and guaranteed to have you and your friends laughing and tipsy at the same time. This will instantly become your go to party game.


Plays Like Uno With Drinking Rules

Number Cards

Number cards come in 4 different colors to play. Number cards can be played by color or number.


Skip cards are played to skip the next player’s turn. Skipped players take a drink as a penalty.


U-Turn cards change the direction  of play. The person that plays the card, gives a drink to any player they choose.

D Squared

When a D²(squared) card is played, the following player must drink twice and draw 2 cards, ending their turn.

Wild Cards

Wild cards come in 2 forms, basic & as a draw card. They have the ability to change the color of play to any color.